About the AIRR Community

The Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire (AIRR) Community is a community-driven organization that is organizing and coordinating stakeholders in the use of NGS technologies to study antibody (Ab)/B-cell and T-cell receptor (TcR) repertoires. Recent advances in sequencing technology have made it possible to sample the immune repertoire in exquisite detail. AIRR sequencing has enormous promise for understanding the dynamics of the immune repertoire in vaccinology, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and cancer biology, but also poses substantial challenges. To meet these challenges, we have established the AIRR Community.

The AIRR Community and its associated meetings and workshops are designed to develop standards and recommendations for: (i) obtaining, analyzing, curating and comparing/sharing NGS AIRR datasets, (ii) using and validating tools for analyzing AIRR data; (iii) relating AIRR NGS datasets to other “big data” sets, such as microarray, flow cytometric, and MiSeq gene-expression data, and (iv) legal and ethical issues involving the use and sharing of AIRR data sets derived from human sources. The proceedings of the workshops, including the recommendations and action plans, will be published for the larger scientific community.

The second AIRR Community Meeting was held 27-30 June at NIH’s Fishers Lane facility. The meeting was oversubscribed, but live webinars are available for the six daytime sessions. For the full meeting agenda, and a link to videos of the six sessions please go to: http://airr.irmacs.sfu.ca/meetings/communityII

We are planning the third AIRR Community Meeting for early December 2017. 

Who is the AIRR Community?

The original AIRR Community meetings were the brainchild of Jamie Scott, Tom Kepler, and Felix Breden. The community now consists of several hundred AIRR Community stakeholders with working groups developing white papers, community standards, and planning future meetings.  

Organizational Facilitators:

  • Felix Breden, Simon Fraser University
  • Tom Kepler, Boston University
  • Jamie Scott, Simon Fraser University

Organizing Committee for the AIRR Community Initiative:

  • Lindsay Cowell, UT Southwestern Medical School (co-Lead, Common Repository Working Group)
  • Corey Watson, University of Louisville Medical School (co-Lead, Common Repository Working Group)
  • Danny Douek, NIH NIAID Vaccine Research Center
  • Steven Kleinstein, Yale University (co-Lead, Minimal Standards Working Group)
  • Nina Prak, University of Pennsylvania (co-Lead, Minimal Standards Working Group)
  • Chaim Schramm, NIH (co-Lead, Tools and Resources)
  • Erick Matsen, University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (co-Lead, Tools and Resources)


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