Common Repository Working Group


To promote and facilitate deposit, access, and sharing/reuse of IG and TCR AIRR-seq datasets through the creation of common repositories that enable:

  • standardized queries of processed AIRR-seq data.
  • re-analysis of raw and processed AIRR-seq data utilizing repository analysis tools.
  • download of raw and processed AIRR-seq data for offline re-analysis.



Co-leaders: Corey Watson, Lindsay Cowell

Members: Meredith Ashby, Felix Breden, Richard Bruskiewich, Tania Bubela, Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari, Scott Christley, Brian Corrie, John Harting, David Klatzmann, Uri Laserson, Nishanth Marthandan, Bjoern Peters, Adrien Six, Adrian Thorogood, Corey Watson, Yariv Wine, and George Blanck


2018 Plans

  1. Define the API that AIRR Common Repositories will utilize to support standardized queries of AIRR-seq data.
  2. Have at least two repositories implement the API
  3. Demonstrate successful execution of queries that return repertoires and/or rearrangements identified by querying over the following pieces of metadata:
    • Donor species (e.g., homo sapiens)
    • Donor health status (e.g., diabetes)
    • Tissue type (e.g. PBMC)
    • Cell subset (e.g. T-cell)
    • Sequence type (e.g., TRB)
    • Gene segment (e.g., IGHV1-69)
    • CDR3 sequence ( e.g., “CASSYIKLN”)
    • Receptor specificity (e.g., HIV virus)


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