Germline Database Working Group


This working group will be responsible for developing appropriate metadata fields for the documenting of novel germline alleles and for establishing standards for versioned, inclusive databases. This will involve interfacing with established germline repositories, such as IMGT, IgPdb, and VBase to get the widest possible buy-in.


Plan for 2018 (GLDB):

  • Finalize a formal process for depositing data associated with inferred novel alleles.
  • Work with NCBI and IMGT to establish an efficient process for the submission of inferred allele data.
  • Write up a “how-to” manual for the AIRR Community.
  • Initiate consideration of issues relating to GLDBs of mouse and macaque sequences. In collaboration with IMGT, finalize the structure of a secondary “tiered” database of inferred alleles. (e.g., further define processes for the inner workings of the “stoplight” system and how exactly these will be represented and made available by IMGT for broader use by the AIRR Community).

Plan for 2018 (Inferred Allele Review Committee (IARC)):

  • Develop a system for how this group will function in the short-/long-term. (e.g., will they operate formally as part of the IUIS/IMGT nomenclature committee?).
  • Decide who will serve on the committee and on what terms.
  • Begin collating data for inferred human IGHV alleles from interested researchers, which will ultimately go through the formal submission process, once established.
  • Begin to develop criteria for the review and acceptance of inferred alleles for AIRR-relevant loci other than human IGHV.



Co-Chairs: Corey Watson, Andrew Collins

Members: Scott Christley, Andrew Collins, Bruno Gaeta, Felix Breden, Brian Fritz, Chaim Schramm, Christian Busse, Corey Watson, Daniel Gadala-Maria, Davide Bagnara, Deanna Church, Florian Rubelt, Duncan Ralph, Erick Matsen, Gur Yaari, Jamie Faison, Jean-Philippe Buerckert, Jian Ye, Jamie Scott, Justin Kos, Katherine Jackson, Kevin Wu, Martin Corcoran, Mats Ohlin, Melissa Smith, Nishanth Marthandan, Paul Rivkin, William Rounds, Steven Kleinstein, Victor Greiff, Werner Müller, William Gibson


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